Conversational Module Lumi

Lumi provides revolutionary interaction capabilities with unstructured data and information for your organization’s growth. It is a conversational module build on top of our base AI-model “Luminous”. Simply connect Lumi to your data and information and everything is ready!

Benefits developing or implementing your conversational agent with our Lumi module.


Connect your data and instantly interact with it.

Your data is safe

Lumi doesn’t learn from your data.

Personalize your assistant

Infuse character traits to fit customers’ unique language style.

No more language barriers

Ask a question in German, even if the dataset is in English. Data language doesn’t matter anymore.

Digital inclusion

Reach everyone, even if their grammar and spelling contain errors.


Learn to trust where Lumi gets is answers from.

Knowledge Worker

Use our knowledge worker modules to provide superior access and handling of unstructured data and information to produce digital tools and products for your value creation. It is built on top of our base AI-model “Luminous” and essentially gathers, analyzes, interprets and applies data and information for routine as well as non-routine tasks.

Benefits developing your knowledge worker applications on our Luminous base model.

Let AI do the boring stuff

Create knowledge products with the click of a button.

Synchronize knowledge tasks

Automate the generation of multiple knowledge products, saving time for relevant value creation tasks.

Access all information

Discover your organizations knowledge by asking questions in natural language.

High flexibility

Use your knowledge worker as a standalone application and/or integrate it into existing apps and services.

No more language barriers

Use natural language based on context awareness which ignores spelling errors and/or language for increased inclusion.


All this coming from a single “Made in Germany” AI language model.

Luminous Explore

Use Luminous Explore to augment existing or develop new applications to reduce the time spent for searching through piles of unstructured data. Luminous Explore is our latest embedding model which competes with and even surpasses state-of-the-art models.

Benefits implementing Luminous Explore

Search the way you think

Find what you mean, not the content someone wrote.

No more keyword search

Use complete, written-out questions instead of keywords.

Digital inclusion

No more need to pay attention to incorrect or inaccurate language or spelling mistakes, grammar and jargon.

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