Europe's most sophisticated AI base technology for your value creation.

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AI base technology "Made in Europe" based on the latest scientific findings


Proof of Value

Field-proven and ready to use for analysis and processing of text and image data


Highly scalable

Develop and build applications and products for your value creation on the basis of one AI model


Efficient and effective

No specific machine learning expertise required


Powerful, secure and sovereign

Hosted by a 100% Aleph Alpha subsidiary in Germany


On Premise availability

Luminous can be set up and run on your own infrastructure

Testimonials & References

Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner, Mayor City of Heidelberg

"I am delighted that we can now make this technology available to our citizens with an innovative partner. With the new digital citizen assistant, we are not only providing easy access to the wide range of services offered by the city administration, we are also creating direct access to all relevant information for our citizens. Instead of time-consuming research, they don't have to do anything more for it than have a nice conversation."

Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner, Mayor City of Heidelberg


“An intelligent system was developed for BWI GmbH that answers complex questions about the Bundeswehr's regulation management system based on Aleph Alpha’s innovative AI technology, Luminous. Luminous is made and hosted in Germany, and is based on the latest scientific findings."


Lars Zimmermann, Co-Founder & Board member

“Only by applying new technologies can Germany assume a leading AI role in the world. State and administration are crucial in this. We are happy to support Aleph Alpha on its way to becoming a development and application partner for the federal, state and local governments”

Lars Zimmermann, Co-Founder & Board member

Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, TU Darmstadt & hessian AI

“The third wave of AI offers enormous opportunities for Germany and Europe. We need European teams like Aleph Alpha to develop this technology with confidence and give top AI researchers a home away from the universities.”

Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, TU Darmstadt & hessian AI

AI Value Chain Architecture

AI Value Chain Architecture

Choose your desired infrastructure for applications and data hosting

No storage of content data, just usage data on server

On demand licensing of AI model


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