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What we stand for

Curiosity and Growth

We strive to understand, explain, and master technology. We rigorously challenge our own presumptions to become better at what we do.

Fairness and Alignment

Everything we do, must be beneficial for society, while always factoring in the potential risks and downsides. We will work for ways to align modern generalizable AI sustainably with ethical values. We will treat all colleagues, partners and customers fairly and honestly.

Collaboration & Community

We share our knowledge and support others. We want to go out of our way to help and support our team and the wider community.

Positive Impact

We aim to achieve positive change in the world with our work. We consider the effects of our actions and technology.

Our Vision

To be the leading European company researching and creating next-generation strong artificial intelligence.

Our Mission

To establish Europe as a critical player in artificial intelligence and safeguard its digital sovereignty.

Who we are

We are the only European company researching, developing and operationalizing a new AI base technology for the public and private sector. Following the principles of sovereignty, excellence and fairness, we conduct cutting-edge AI research, perform robust and scalable engineering and enable partners to leverage our technology into a wide range of creative use-cases.

What we do

Our new AI technology helps us analyze images and texts by understanding their context. It can write texts, answer open-ended questions, create summaries, and translate complex texts into simpler ones. It works in multiple European languages and is culturally sensitive to European cultures.


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