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Pioneering sovereign, European AI technology to transform human-machine interaction that can find solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

European AI value chain

We aspire innovation leadership in AI to ensure sovereignty for our public and private sector partners. For that, we provide a complete “Made in Europe” AI value chain offering, ranging from research and development over computing to consulting.

Adhering to Open Source

We have open-sourced our core codebase to spark constructive discussions with research- and open-source communities on how to develop transformative AI applications that generate trust and acceptance for AI.

Offering High Performance Computing

We own and operate Europe’s largest commercially available high performance AI cluster, which is located in Germany. Customers with sensitive data can process their data in compliance with European requirements for data protection and security on sovereign, European computing infrastructure.

Conducting state-of-the art research

We are determined to gear human-machine interaction towards the needs of humans. That’s why we turn our cooperative state-of-the-art AI research into transformative applications, that attempt to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Ability to scale

We support world-wide scaling on all cloud infrastructures, giving customers the greatest flexibility to operate and scale our AI models in or outside of Europe.

Independent ownership

We are under European ownership and strategic autonomy, addressing the public and private sector’s rising concerns about non-European AI technology. This puts us a unique position to contribute to safeguarding Europe’s digital sovereignty.


Research & Development stands at the core of our doing and therefore we want to share our results and views for all to discuss.

Using Aleph Alpha’s Multimodal functionality “MAGMA” to create titles for abstract crypto art
Tue Apr 12 2022

Using Aleph Alpha’s Multimodal functionality “MAGMA” to create titles for abstract crypto art

Aleph Alphas Multimodal model is a great tool for creating titles for abstract crypto art - by Werner Bogula, Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg e.V. (ARIC)

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The end of the era ImageNet
Thu Sep 30 2021

The end of the era ImageNet

World-models are overtaking specialized and supervised models in performance and generalizability. With our new research we lift this development from the language space (with models like GPT-3) into a multimodal space, while retaining the impressive functionality known from large language models...

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AGI and knowledge: we have ways of making him talk
Sat Jan 09 2021

AGI and knowledge: we have ways of making him talk

Big AGI models can memorize very specific knowledge. While this enables new use-cases it also creates issues of data protection as they can be used to leak this knowledge...

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AI hardware: data was never the new oil
Sun Aug 30 2020

AI hardware: data was never the new oil

Modern AI technology is built on the Deep Learning (DL) approach. DL is a method in which a neural network (NN) is trained on a collection of data...

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